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Event Planning

Because some of your most treasured  moments need to be planned... and planning is what we do best, we can give special attention  to your events, injecting creativity, culture and art.


What kinds of events can we do?

All those related to Science, Art and Culture, such as:



Coordinator: Lic. Samantha Calderón      meet her here!





We can make your book, gallery or exhibition release a unique event, adaptable to your budget, with the best service and always with the IHUITL touch. We will add decorations for the event that are best suited for the topic.

Recintos histórico

Events at Historic Venues

Whenever an event has to do with Science, Art or Culture such as a fashion show or a sample of contemporary dance, we can organize dinner or snacks. We can also provide decoration and furniture so that your event is flawless and spectacular.

Events for the occasion

Each event has a goal, share that with us and we can always make that clear throughout the planning and execution, we can create a suitable and perfect environment that shows what you have in mind, this is the difference between any event and an event planned with us.