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We offer you  artwork, inspired by the flora and fauna of Mexico, and created by us and other clever and creative Mexican artisans. Each piece includes information about the species and a brief semblance of the artisan... meet them here!









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Mara Parra


My roots are from Tamaulipas and Mexico City. I learned about textile paiting and embroidery technniques many years ago just as a hobby, but now I want to share my art.


I offer you original art inspired in mexican nature.

César Ortega


I was borned in Mexico City, where I studied visual arts.  I make handcrafts using different kind of materials such as obsidian.  


I find inspiration mainly in nature and prehispanic art. I only do original pieces each time.

Adolfina Cime Poot

I belong to the ethnic group of maya-yucateco, I was borned in Chan Kom a community close to Chichen Itzá. Thanks to my mother, I started in the cross stich embroidery since nine years old.  When I was fifteen, I learned embroidery using foot peddle sewing machine for napkins, huipiles, etc.


In the past, I used to embroid only the traditional art in Yucatan. Thanks to my son, who is a pasionate birder, I started to find inspiration in birds and local nature for my work. My greatest satisfaction is people like my original designs inspired in the native bird species, and that promote people love nature and birds.



Proudly native of Mexico City, since child I had interest in wildlife and drawing, so I've developed my skills focusing in scientific and nature illustration. 

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