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If you are interested in acquiring new knowledge and skills about Mexican wildlife and appreciation of nature, we offer courses and workshops led by professionals, meet them here!


What type of courses and workshops do we offer?


When it comes to nature, we have something for everyone, including:



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Objective: Provide knowledge and basic skills for the identification of bird species in the wild.


Description: In this class, you will  learn  the main characteristics of the birds and especially the field markings which are used  to identify them by family and species. You will also learn how to use the basic equipment (binoculars, field guide and binnacle) and the eBird platform. The skills acquired are useful for recreational purposes,  professional guiding, and/or  systematic bird monitoring. The course can be personally adapted according to your specific interests and needs.


Age: minimum 15 years.

Requirements: binoculars, field guide, a notebook, and a pencil.


Maximum group size: 10 people.


Duration: 3 days.

Theoretical sessions: 4 modules, including printed material.

Practical sessions:  throughout the course with personalized attention.


Rubén Ortega-Álvarez, PhD

Rafael Calderón Parra, MSc

Pajareando - Prom2.jpg
Observación de Aves

Objective: Provide the tools to make the most of your digital camera with an emphasis on nature photography.

Description: You will learn about universal principles of photography, which can be applied to any occasion; however, the examples, equipment and advice are oriented to nature photography, highlighting its importance as a tool for environmental education and conservation. The course can be adapted according to your interests and needs.

Age: minimum 10 years.


Requirements: digital camera and laptop.


Maximum group size: 15 people.


Duration: 4 days.


Theoretical sessions: 7 modules. Includes print material.


Practical sessions: throughout the course with personalized attention.


Erika Velázquez, biologist

Digital Photography

Fotografía Naturaleza



Erika Velázquez

Digital Photography

I was born  in Mexico City, and since I was a child, I've been interested in nature. When I was 15 years old, my father gave me my first camera, since then, I began  to capture my surrounding elements, especially from nature such as flowers, animals and landscapes. I obtained my bachelor's degree in  biology from the Metropolitan University (UAM) and started to fuse both of my  passions: science and photography. In recent times, I've participated in "Animalia" Magazine and I have had  two individual expos of my work. I lead Nature Photography courses, and I've participated with Mosaico Natura México (CONABIO and National Geographic in Spanish collaboration).

GUIAS Ruben Ortega2.jpg

Rubén Ortega-Álvarez


I received a bachelor's degree in Biology from the Faculty of Science and obtained his Master's degree in Biological Sciences from the Center for Ecosystem Research (CIEco), both institutions belong to the National University of México (UNAM). I work primarily with issues of urban bird ecology, restoration ecology, ecology of anthropogenic systems and community-based biological monitoring. I participate in faunal studies, production chains and indicator species. I also coordinates bird monitoring projects, promotes citizen science programs and developes activities of environmental awareness and conservation of biodiversity. I have interest in linking scientific research with decision making in environmental improvement, as well as promote community development through the study of birds and birdwatching. 


Rafael Calderón-Parra


I recieved my bacherlor's and master's degree in Biology from the Metropolitan University (UAM). I work with issues of urban bird ecology, community-based biological monitoring and birdwatching as tool for enviornmental education. I also received a technical degree in artistic and commercial illustration from the Professional School of Drawing Campus Huipulco and have taken courses related to nature illustration. I have participated in various projects related to conservation of biodiversity and scientific illustration. 

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